Matt Fishwick has gained a wide range of experience in environmental accounting and environmental management whilst working at leading consultancies. Some examples of past projects Matt Fishwick has been involved in are provided below.

Product carbon footprinting Undertaking a PAS 2050 and Footprint Expert compliant carbon footprint of three Kingsmill bread products for Allied Bakeries. Each product now displays the Carbon Reduction Label.
Organisational carbon footprinting Working with Huber Technology over a number of years performing Scope 1 and 2 organisational carbon footprint assessments in accordance with ISO 14064.
Environmental LCA Performing a comparative LCA of a standard ski boot versus the ‘Renew’ model: a concept boot made from renewable materials for Atomic.
Social LCA Carrying out a comparative cradle-to-gate social LCA of eleven different biofuel feedstocks produced in a number of different countries using the UNEP method.
Circular economy Assessing the environmental burdens and benefits of reused items sold on eBay to help them set circular economy goals.
Reviewing Chairing a panel of reviewers for an ISO 14044 LCA of a washing machine for Xeros.
Tool development Helping to develop a tool to calculate carbon, water and waste footprints of UK clothing and opportunities for impact reduction for WRAP's Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP). This tool is currently being used by SCAP signatories (e.g. Tesco, Next, M&S, John Lewis) to help measure, report and reduce carbon, water and waste impacts associated with clothing.
PAS 2050 guidance Preparation of a guidance document for the British Standards Institute (BSI) to accompany the revised (2011) version of PAS 2050 and preparation and delivery of a series of one-day workshops to SMEs on carbon footprinting and PAS 2050.